italian silver horn jewelry

Designer Silver Italian Horn

Are you looking for a unique silver horn in Italian style for your loved one and want the best for him or her? Roman Paul is a celebrity designer based in Los Angeles creating incredible artistic horns made of silver, platinum, and gold. 

Silver Jewelry 

One of Roman Paul's specializations is handcrafting unique artistic horns in silver. His jewelry is worn by best know all around the world artists including rock musicians and actors. Any silver horn coming out from his studio is unique. There are no carbon copies of each other.

Silver Horn and Platinum

To add extra old-world character to his jewelry, Roman is covering silver with other pressures and metals including platinum. It creates almost gothic jewelry look from italy, the reflection of his European heritage. Take a look at this silver horn amulet which is a pride of his collection. It is decorated with black diamonds what makes it truly a value-added item.

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