bronze bracelet gothic style

Silver Bracelet Gothic Style

This beautiful design by LA artist Roman Paul is a piece of art in gothic style bracelet jewelry. It is handmade of a bronze cross decorated with typical ornaments commonly found in Europe architecture.

Bracelet Design Style

As I already mentioned in the text above, the silver bracelet was inspired by a wonderful European heritage of the period I am fascinated since I was in a child growing up on the old continent. There were a lot of gothic style churches around as well as other building developed during those times. My designs are no doubt the reflection of the old jewelry decorating hands and necks of privileged people such as kings and princesses.

Bracelet Sizes

Having in mind the fact that we as humans are quite diversified when height is concerned, I decided to create my gothic style bracelet in all standard sizes. There is no problem, of course, the make it custom made. Just upon purchasing it send me a follow-up email indicating the length or any instructions you believe are important for making your one of a kind masterpiece.

gothic style braceelet

You can use it as a gift to someone you love without any special occasion or for a birthday. Occasionally, my bracelets were ordered for the anniversary of all kinds including weddings and engagement. For lovely designer jewelry in silver check our blog regurarlly.

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